People, 사람들

Group Leader

Prof. Kyoungsik Yu
Associate Professor at KAIST EE

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Youngho Jung

Dr. Tarun Sharma

Dr. Jong-Bum You

We are looking for candidates. Please, contact Prof. Yu for details.


 Programs at our lab
 Current affiliation
 Alvin Glova
University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.
 Byounghun Park
Samsung Electronics, Korea
 Dr. Wook-Jae Lee
Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, Korea
 Minkyung Kim
Samsung Electronics, Korea
 Dongshik Won
Agency for Defense Development, Korea
 James Tan
University of Oxford, U.K.
 Kyunghan Choi M.S. 2016 
 Juhyun Shin  2016Samsung Electronics, Korea
 Junsu Baek  M.S. 2016Agency for Defense Development, Korea
 Shinho Kim  M.S. 2016KAIST, Korea
 Dr. Giwan Seo PostDoc 2016Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea
 Dr. Kyungmok Kwon Ph.D./M.S., PostDoc 2016
University of California, Berkeley, U.S.

Graduate Student Researchers

Seungjun Han (M.S. program)

Younghoon Jin (M.S. program)

Yong-Jun Jeong (Ph.D. program)

Hyukbin Kwon (M.S. program)

Jongwoo Park (M.S. program)

Junghoon Park (Ph.D. program)

Yoonhyuk Rah (M.S. program)

Jaeho Shim (Ph.D. program)

Gyeongho Son (Ph.D. program)