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CategoryCompany (Product URL)Model name/Part numberSpecificationManualManual2Note
CategoryCompany (Product URL)Model name/Part numberSpecificationManualManual2Note
Camera Panasonic GP-KR222 1/2" color CCD camera, 768x494   
Camera Andor Technology iDus 1.7um InGaAs InGaAs detector array, 700-1700 nm,    G04100007 
Camera Sony XC-ST50 black and white CCD camera, 768x494 pixels Catalog Manual link 
Electrical Amplifier Stanford Research Systems SR810 100 kHz DSP lock-in amplifiers User manual Catalog page K3971749 
Electrical Amplifier New Focus 1422 18 dB, 50 MHz to 20 GHz User manual  
Electrical Amplifier SHF communication technologies SHF 90 BP RF amplifier, 30kHz-15GHz, 24dB   
Electrical Amplifier FLC Electronics F20AD DC-1 MHz, 20x gain, 150V max, 300 V/us User manual  K1835953 
Electric Source New Focus 0901 Power supply, ±15 V, for New Focus detectors User manual  
Electric Source Stanford Research Systems DS340 Function generator, ~15 MHz Data sheet Manual S, KAIST32930343 
Electric Source HP (Agilent) 6237B Triple output power supply, +18V, +20V, -20V   
Laser Controller E-tek (discontinued) DLDC-1002 (discontinued) Digital laser diode controller   
Laser Controller ILX Lightwave LDT-5910B (discontinued) Laser diode temperature controller User manual  
Laser Controller Analog Modules 762 OEM programmable laser diode driver, 2.5A pulsed, fast rise time Datasheet Manual N01100546 
Laser Controller ILX Lightwave LDC-3900 4-channel laser diode controller (current source + temperature controller) User manual Catalog page K1073035 
Laser Controller ILX Lightwave LDM-4970 Laser diode mount Catalog page  
Laser/LED HP (Agilent) 8168C 1470-1580nm tunable laser, 2.5dBm Catalog page  
Laser/LED Prizmatix Black-LED-405 405 nm high power LED, 50 mW @ 1.5mm POF Catalog User manual and other info N01100546 
Laser/LED Hanaro Trading RLCD-S66-10 660nm, 10mW fiber-coupled diode laser, 4um core fiber Datasheet  N01100546 
Laser/LED Oclaro LC96A1065-20R 1065 nm, 400mW, 14-pin butterfly laser diode Datasheet Test data N01100538 
Laser/LED WTD LDM5S81 1550 nm, FP, 14-pin DIP laser diode Data sheet  
Laser/LED Pritel PFL-1550 (discontinued, now FFL?) Picosecond fiber laser, 1550 nm Catalog page  K1070374 
Microscope Leica S6 Stereo microscope, 6.3:1 zoom   
Microscope Schott KL 1500 classic (discontinued) 150-watt halogen light source   
Microscope Olympus BX51 Long working distance UIS2 objectives    
Optical filter Semrock LPD01-1064RS-25 Dichroic mirror, passband 1088.5-1650.8 nm Test data  N01100546 
Optical filter Cambridge Research Instrumentation (CRi) Varispec Tunable filter, 650-1100 nm, 7nm BW Catalog page  G04100007 
Optical filter Semrock FF705-Di01-25x36 Dichroic mirror, passband 720 - 1600 nm Test data  N01100546 
Optical filter New Focus 5215-M Neutral-density filter   
Optical filter Semrock LP02-442RS-25 Long-pass edge filter, 442 nm    
Other Agilent (formerly Varian) TPS-compact TV81M Turbomolecular pump, 220V Catalog  G01100264 
Other Lakeshore 331S Cryogenic temperature controller, supports diode, RTD, and thermocouple sensors User manual Download link N01100271 
Other Janis Research Company ST-500 Microscopy cryostat, 3.5-475 K User manual Dimensions N01100271 
Other Janis Research Company LN-50 Liquid nitrogen storage dewar, 50 L   G04100007 
Other/Electrical HP (Agilent) 8494B  Attenuator, DC to 18GHz, 0 to 11dB, 1dB steps Catalog page  
Other/Electrical HP (Agilent) 11678A Low pass filter kit Data sheet  
Other/Electrical Corning PC-420 Hot plate/ stirrer Catalog Manual 
Other/Electrical Solid State Cooling Systems Oasis 160 160W compact air-cooled liquid recirculating chiller, RS-232 control Catalog  G04100007 
Other/Electrical Agilent 82357A USB/GPIB Interface User manual  
Other/Electrical HP (Agilent) 87303C Hybrid Power Divider, 1 GHz to 26.5 GHz Data sheet Fact sheet 
Other/Optical Brimrose AMF-100-1550-3FP Acousto frequency shifter, 100 MHz, 1000-2200 nm, optmized at 1550 nm Catalog page  
Photodetector Newport 2936-C Optical power meter, Dual channel   N01100546 
Photodetector Newport 918D-IR-OD3 Ge photodetector, 780-1800 nm, OD3 attenuator   N01100546 
Photodetector New Focus 1435 (replaced with 1437) 25 GHz, 400-1650 nm User manual User manual (scan version) 
Photodetector Spectral Products (formerly CVI Laser) AD221 UV-enhanced Si photodiode Catalog  
Photodetector Thorlabs PAT 9000B (discontinued) Modular polarization measurement system   K1074565 
Photodetector General Photonics POD-15-SS-02 High speed in-line polarimeter, 1550 nm Catalog page FAQ 
Photodetector New Focus 1592 Photoreceiver, 950-1630 nm, DC-3.5GHz, DC-coupled User manual  
Photodetector Newport 918D-SL-OD3 Si photodetector, 400-1100 nm, OD3 attenuator   N01100538 
Photodetector New Focus 1611-FC-AC Photoreceiver, 900-1700 nm, 1GHz, 500 ps rise time User manual  K9800061 
Photodetector New Focus 1811-FC Photoreceiver, 900-1700 nm, DC–125-MHz User Manual  K1073799 
Spectrometer DongWoo Optron MonoRa 500i Spectrograph, 500 mm focal length Catalog page  N01100271 
Spectrometer Princeton Instruments (Acton Research Corporation) SpectraPro 300i (SP2300) Spectrograph, 300 mm focal length, IR gratings Data sheet  
Spectrometer Agilent 86140B Optical spectrum analyzer, 10 pm wavelength accuracy,  User manual Programming manual 
Stage Sutter MP-78 (MP-285) Motorized micromanipulator, 40 nm/step, 1 inch travel Assembly instruction Driver download N01100271 
Stage Suruga Seiki D130 (discontinued) Stepping motor controller extension (4 axes) User manual (Japanese) Download link S, ADD047210009, 2001-EO-22-RE-01-17 
Stage Suruga Seiki D120 (discontinued) Stepping motor controller (6 axes) User manual (Japanese) Download link S, ADD047210009, 2001-EO-22-RE-01-17 
Stage Newport PZC200-KT PZA12 actuator, 30nm/step, 12.5mm travel Manual 1 Manual 2 N01100538 
Showing 57 items