Greetings! Our research group, lead by Prof. Kyoungsik Yu, is interested in integrated nanophotonics. Starting from microsized resonators to subwavelength metamaterials and quantum optics, we cover a wide area of opto/electronic based components. Digital information processing based on nanosized transistors are coming to its limit, and we expect nanophotonics to provide the next step to modern communication based on fast and precise control of light. Market size of photonic based industry has already started to grow, and we expect it to grow even faster in the near future!

Some of our specific research interests are integration of photonic components, metamaterials, silicon photonics, 2D materials and single photon sources. Understanding of linear / nonlinear optics, quantum mechanics, plasmonics, classical electromagentics are necessary for simulation, fabrication, and analysis.  Contact Prof. Yu for joining our group.

Recent News!
Our lab members Jongwoo Park and Seungjun Han win the best paper award titled "PAM-4 optical modulation using high speed push-pull silicon photonic Mach-Zehnder modulator" at OSK (동계학술대회, February 8-9 2018).
OSK Best Paper Award 2018.02.08-09